How'd we get the name?

Luke thinks he's funny, I was hoodwinked! You can put the rest together! We kept an inside joke for years and I would always buy things with jackalopes on them. For example; a shirt. I wore it to work one day and my friend suggested we incorporate it into our name. We did, and we are so happy with that decision!

Our Background

Luke was born in Jackson, Wyoming and raised in Pinedale, Wyoming. He started out farming, haying and taking care of cows. He practically took his first steps in the hay field and hasn't left the agricultural life since. His father taught him how to work hard (sometimes non-stop) and his mother taught him respect and the value of caring for others. He is currently working as the Farm Manager for a large scale farm in Ignacio, Colorado and has been given some great opportunities. Kristen was born and raised in Cortez, Colorado. She was born to an entrepreneur and has learned the hardships of business ownership but also the great rewards it can offer. She gained an outstanding work ethic and has been gifted the traits of an entrepreneur from her father and the creative mind from her mother. She quit her 9-5 July 2021 to put her best efforts into making this a community destination that everyone will enjoy.

Our Life Together

We have been together since 2013, married since 2015 and had a beautiful daughter named Tyler Jane in 2020. In 2020, Luke started his new job and we were welcomed with open arms from everyone around. We are blessed to be able to raise our family in such a beautiful area with fresh air, plenty of space and to be around people who genuinely care for our success and well-being. We have been blessed enough to have supportive family and friends that will allow us to serve our community with the chance to allow your family to take home wonderful memories in the same place we are able to make them.